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Eco Racing International

Ditambahkan pada : January 11th, 2019
Rp 1.000.000
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Kategori : Eco Raching
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Fuel Booster No. 1 in the wordl from Organics saving cost 35 until 50% call 6281908823545

Eco Racing International

* BBM Eco Racing Saver Fuel and Diesel*

We will teach you to become an ECO RACING Fuel Saver Entrepreneur as a solution to save your expenses and solutions to increase your finances to hundreds of millions / month, without leaving the main job

WHY is this opportunity so extraordinary …..?

The Eco Racing BBM Saver will be a Basic Need for Vehicle Owners.

Calculation of Fuel Savings with the use of Eco Racing, in 1 package occurred Savings up to 1.3 million. wooow this is just saving Bro ….

Everytime BBM goes up, but don’t panic …!

The solution …?

Eco Racing is a product of the nation’s children. The results of a bachelor’s research at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) have passed the Laboratory Test:
● Lemigas 050 / PK / 8.1 / IX / 2013
● Petrolab 00564 / F / 13
● Dyno Test Power & Torque Test
● Emission Test Eliminates CO 100%

Eco Racing benefits:
● Save fuel 30-50%
● Adding Octane (RON)
● Eliminates knocking
● Clean the crust of the machine
● Increase energy
● Increase acceleration
● Extends engine life
● Save on maintenance costs (replace the oil plus up to 20,000 km long)

Eco Racing can be used not only for cars or motorcycles, but for all types of engines that use gasoline or diesel.

Love and care for your vehicle. This is a good and profitable opportunity when people are confused about finding a solution …!

* 300 left – 300 times (reward mobilio cash) (300 kika without time limit)

* 1800 kika (reward fortuner / pajero cash worth 525 million)

* 1 point is the potential reward of Rp 661,000,000 *

Can upgrade to 31 points indefinitely. So the potential is 31 HU x 661 million = 20 BILLION

Evidently the bandung leader broke through 661 million just 2 months


Note: there are also health products (LVN calcium, collagen + LVN, slim LVN, COFFEEMAXX)

Admin for info hub.

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